Here I provide links to my scripts. All scripts are free to download and are covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License


Chekhov's Gun - 3M 3F - 30 minutes.

Chekhov's Gun focusses on Rupert (recast as Gabriella in the video) who starts a new job at an accounting firm and is surprised to find a loaded pistol is kept in the office. Experience the twists and turns of this comic thriller as he desperately tries to get to the bottom of the gun's mysterious existence.

In The Middle of Nowhere - Part 1 - 2M 2F - 45 minutes. 

This quirky comedy follows a politically diverse family as they deal with an intruder called Fish who claims he'll die if he leaves the house.


Sheet Music - Coming…

Other projects of note

Background - This is a short sketch about an actor preparing for his first lines on film. It was written to participate in competitions for hyper-short films.

Bridge - A recording artist gets emotional during a studio session

EFL - A new English-as-a-Foreign-Language teacher gives his students an introductory session.

Curriculum Vitae (2015) - This is a short film (in French) that was made for the 48-hour film project in Geneva, Switzerland. Given a character, location, prop, and genre that had to be in or part of the film, we had to produce a 4 - 8 minute film and submit it to the competition within the time limit. I was head screenwriter and provided a finished script (in English) to the actors and directors within 2 hours of being given the brief. The script is available on request.

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